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by i Own it on September 10

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Search Engine BlasterSearch Engine Blaster

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pre-release copy of Search Engine Blaster and have had the last two weeks to run it through it’s paces.

Let me give you my conclusion first then an explanation.

“This is the BEST SEO product to hit the market in years!”

We have been focusing on back links so much that it seems like the only way to get noticed and ranked well by the search engines.That is true to en extent but there is a very real piece of the puzzle missing to get you to the #1 position.

You need to get the clicks. But wait – it’s more than just needing people to click through to your website. The search term they use to find your site is critical. Going back to anchor text in your link portfolio – those are the key words and key phrases you are after.

What Search Engine Blaster has accomplished is absolutely amazing. The sophisticated software searches (on 5 different search engines) you exact high value search terms then finds your website in the search results and clicks on it.

The search engines keep track of which site gets that precious first click for every single search executed on their server. These are the real life statics that need to truly rank the most popular and relevant site in first position. Up until this moment they are ranking based on their best guess of what you want to see delivering you content based on rank and authority (back links / on page SEO etc.) Now they have REAL HUMAN INPUT which is telling them over and over again that your site is the one people choose first out of all the search results.

I will release my statics soon so you can see my experience with Search Engine Blaster. At them moment – and this is after only one week – one of my sites is up from the fourth page to the second page and another jumped to the first page after only a few days. I am promoting 21 websites in this test and want to gather 30 days of data for my first report.

If you would like to try Search Engine Blaster for free (it’s a free trial actually) click here.





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